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Call us in Kiev every day
from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.
by phones:

    +38 044 501-2120   

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Ukraine, Kiev
Erotic massage saloon
Erotic massage - body massage, massage with pleasure!

Massage salon, interior of the salon

When you enter ”Pantera” massage salon, you will immediately merge into warm atmosphere. Our salon’s interior is designed so that you could relax and enjoy to the maximum! Our massage salon is equipped with air conditioners, what makes erotic massage comfortable at any weather and time of the year. Several massage parlors, decorated in different styles, allow to choose a place for massage and to have a good time with friends. Every parlor is equipped with spacious shower stall where you can take a shower with a beautiful masseuse!

Mirror massage parlor will be a pleasure to your eyes, as all the walls and the ceiling are covered with mirrors. Due to it you can see the massage process better, and to watch massage girl’s beautiful figure. Oriental massage parlor is attacted by exclusive massage table where girls can caress you from both up and down. I’m sure that you will like ”Pantera” massage salon and will become our regular client!

Mirror massage parlor

Inspiring interior in the mirror room. Come and estimate!

Mirror room - PANTERA massage salon in Kiev

Oriental massage parlor

Is designed in Oriental style. There is a special table for erotic massage “DOUBLE SHOW”, where you will try caresses of two girls.

Oriental parlor - PANTERA massage salon in Kiev

Advantages of the salon massage

We are often asked to perform erotic massage outside the salon, that is in sauna, hotel, etc. I want not only to remind you that we do not work outside the salon (i.e. we perform massage within the walls of our salon only), but also to tell you some advantages of the salon massage. So, let’s start:

1) Massage salon shall be equipped for erotic massage – here I mean erotic music, whetting lightning, special massage oil, expendable sheets and slippers – everything to make you feel comfortable.

2) Coming to massage salon, you have a chance to choose a masseuse. When ordering outside massage you will not be able to choose.

3) Due to my experience, a client shall pay for taxi (in both ways) when ordering outside massage, and besides, such massage price is 50% higher. When ordering massage in the salon you will not have to pay for extra expenses.

I think I’ve convinced you that PANTERA massage salon is the best place for erotic massage! PANTERA

Our contacts: Ukraine, Kiev, erotic massage salon.
Phone numbers in Kiev: +38 044 501-2120
Open 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. everyday of the week.


Erotic massage

Erotic massage
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Girls' Photo Gallery
Erotic massage - double show

Double show
Thai erotic massage in The Erotic massage salon in Kiev

Thai erotic massage
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Our rooms

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